Our financing

We provide financing to climate change mitigation and adaptation activities within the nexus of climate change and development in lower-income countries and countries in fragile situations.

Climate and development

Our operations target the nexus between climate and development. This core foundation recognises that climate change and poverty reduction are closely interlinked.

Adaptation and mitigation

We prioritise projects focused on adaptation and resilience, and projects delivering synergetic adaptation and mitigation benefits.

Private and public sectors

Through our operations, we are in an optimal position to support both public and private sector development, as well as activities linking the two sectors.

Flexible financing

Our financing is provided on concessionary terms in the form of grants, loans and equity. These instruments can be used stand-alone or in different combinations as relevant.

Strategic partnerships

For us, co-financing with strategic partners is a well-established way of working to leverage financing, knowledge and expertise.

Photo credit: Miguel Oliveira / EEP Africa